The Story of
iO! Gentle
Iodine Soap

It all began with cow’s teats. As any dairy
farmer knows, repeated milking can cause a
cow’s teats to become dry, wrinkled and
leather-like. Twenty years ago, we reformulated
and patented an iodine-based teat dip that is still
in use today. It strips away the dead, leathery outer
skin and restores teat elasticity, smoothness and health in just a few weeks. With that kind of dramatic result, we wondered if the same principles might work on human skin. Well, they do! We discovered that a dilute water solution of iodine, applied on a regular basis to the skin, is the most effective, because it’s gentle and does not have drug activity. And the results are amazing! With iO!® Gentle Iodine Soap, soft, healthy skin is not just for cows any more!

Iodine – nature’s miracle. Iodine is one of the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic substances known to man. It is essential to the growth, regeneration and rate of function of many systems in our bodies. Iodine is found naturally in many places, including ocean water. Through the action of waves and sunlight, iodine vaporizes into the air, and the breeze brings it inland. If the body needs it, iodine will be absorbed in a natural and balanced way. However, in areas remote from the sea, iodine deficiencies can occur, with the possibility of fatigue, goiters, and depression. And while iO! Iodine Soap supplies only a very small amount of iodine to the skin surface, this can have a significant effect on the appearance of your skin.

How to use: With dry hands, add a pump or two of iO! amber-colored foam into your palm. Apply to dry hands, face, feet, or other areas of problem skin, rubbing as you would any other soap. The longer you leave it on before rinsing the better the benefits, but at least for 30 seconds. Rinse off with water. We encourage you to pay attention to the results and experiment with application frequency and times. If you have discovered something that works for you, please share with others on the testimonial page. Remember, iO! is a gentle soap and results are improved with consistent usage.

Caution: iO! is not a body wash. You should consult with a physician or health care professional before using iO! the Gentle Iodine Soap if you have or suspect you might have a health problem or concerns.

You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or as a substitute for medication or other treatment prescribed by your physician or health care provider.

Each person is different, and the way you react to a particular product may be significantly different from the way other people react to such product.

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