Discover nature’s
secret to healthy,
beautiful skin
at any age
with iO! Gentle
Iodine Soap

iO!® Gentle Iodine Soap (patent pending) is a gentle, cosmetic, exfoliant foam which works in a highly efficient way. And while the best results show over time with consistent use, some users notice benefits right away. iO! Iodine Soap’s rich, amber-colored foam is pleasant to use, is fragrance-free and doesn’t sting or stain the skin. And iO! doesn’t dry your skin – it gently strips away old, dead skin cells while sealing in your skin’s natural oils. Vibrant, healthy skin is beautiful skin – at any age.
Users tell us that with regular use, iO! Iodine Soap works well as an exfoliant, exposing fresher, revitalized new skin. Other users report a visible reduction of scars and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Younger users report it is a great cleanser for acne-prone skin. Many have been delighted to report that their skin looks and feels softer and smoother with regular use of iO! Iodine Soap.
With regular use, iO! Gentle Iodine Soap:

• Gently exfoliates for younger-looking, radiant skin
• Visibly lightens scars
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• Cleans acne-prone skin
• Promotes smoother, better-smelling feet

Iodine is essential to the growth, regeneration and rate of function of many systems in our bodies. iO! Gentle Iodine Soap, a dilute water solution of iodine, applied on a regular basis to the skin can have a significant effect on the appearance, health and beauty of your skin. “I am in LOVE with it!!! iO! does a much better job at cleaning my face. I just wash my face and apply moisturizer and done. No harsh toner, cream etc. I’m so happy to have found your product.”

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